June 3-4: Melide

Melide Town Hall
Melide Town Hall | Photo by Andrea Waterman

The walk to Melide was a nice 14km and gave us all some time to nap and recover before our final two-day trek to Santiago. After settling in at our albergue, we headed over to Plaza del Convento. This plaza is the crossing of the Camino de Santiago (the French Way) and the Camino de Oviedo. The parish church in the center is 14th-century Romanesque with sixteenth-century wall paintings and an ivory baby Jesus. Unfortunately, we arrived at the same time as a funeral procession and were not able to see the church for ourselves.

Melide Traditional Pastry Display
Traditional pastry display | Photo by Andrea Waterman

We did get to visit the Terra de Melide Museum, which gave us insight into the history of the town’s culture. I certainly enjoyed the traditional dessert display, which showed how its famous pastries, ricos, melindres, and amendoados, were made. We then visited the Church of San Roque, which was combined with the Church of San Juan previously and is also 14th-century Romanesque. Next to it stands the oldest stone cross in Galicia, the Crucero do Melide. On one side Christ is shown majestic and godly, while on the other he is shown crucified.

Although we are all in some pain from two weeks of walking, it is with very bittersweet hearts that we make our final trek to Santiago…


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